Our Story

Built on Tradition

In the heart of Shropshire, our 17th Century brewery holds tradition in the highest regard, which is why our legendary ales are made the traditional way, using only the finest ingredients to give each one its own unique Three Tuns Brewery flavour.

In our quest to embrace tradition, we are fortunate enough to brew our beer in a classic, miniature Victorian tower, meaning the beer is not only moved by gravity alone, but each brew captures the essence and history of its unique surroundings as it passes on its historic journey.


Before your beer reaches you, the drinker, it begins its journey in the original brewhouse which is now our fermentation room. This is where the Three Tuns Brewery yeast, a one-of-a-kind strain developed over the last 125 years is added to the mix. Weaving its own magic, it casts the spell that makes our ales legendary.

We’re committed to continuing to maintain our brewing on-site and after extensive refurbishment over the last decade, it’s our honour to uphold the heritage of what we consider to be one of the birthplaces of beer.