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The Regulars    

three tuns XXX


A renowned beer from a recipe passed down by the Roberts family; a pale-straw-coloured, premium bitter with simple, light malty sweetness, delicate with light bitterness of floral, earthy character.

three tuns - clerics cure

Clerics Cure

A light-tan beer presenting medium malty sweetness with powerful, spicy, floral bitterness and hop character designed to recreate the iconic style of India Pale Ales of the 19th. Century

three tuns - 1642


A golden bitter with light maltiness, comprising nutty and coffee flavours, leading to a refreshing medium/strong, spicy bitterness with a long-lingering finish.

three tuns rantipole


Refreshingly light and hoppy with hints of elderflower

three tuns - stout

Stout 4.4%
Black; smooth, creamy, old-fashioned stout with a bitter finish.

three tuns - mild

Mild 3.4%

Dark and smooth mild with rich caramel and chocolate flavours









three tuns - solstice

Solstice 3.9%

On sale now!

Straw-coloured; lightly malty; medium-strong, crisp, floral-fruity bitterness



three tuns - steam punk

Steam Punk

Blackstrap Molasses with ginger flavours.

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three tuns - faust banana

Faust Banana

Big ginger and subtle lemon. Contains 100% no bananas!

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