The Products - Traditonal Real Ale in Shropshire




3.8% abv

A golden bitter with light maltiness, comprising nutty and coffee flavours, leading to a refreshing medium/strong, spicy bitterness with a long-lingering finish.



4.3% abv

A renowned beer from a recipe passed down by the Roberts family who owned the brewery for several generations; a pale-straw-coloured, premium bitter with simple, light malty-sweetness, delicately balanced with light bitterness of floral, earthy character.

Cleric's Cure

Cleric's Cure

5.0% abv

A light-tan beer presenting medium malty-sweetness with powerful, spicy, floral bitterness and hop character designed to re-create the iconic style of India Pale Ales of the 19th. Century.


4.4% abv

Black; smooth, creamy, old-fashioned stout with a bitter finish



3.6% abv

Refreshingly light and hoppy with hints of elderflower.



6.5% abv

Blackstrap Molasses with ginger  flavours.



The Ingredients

When we talk of 'Pale Malt' we are usually referring to the Maris Otter Malt used in most of our recipes. Maris Otter is a variety of barley and has one of the best reputations as a pale ale malt.   

We stipulate for our Maris Otter Malt to be floor-made.

However, there are other malts which are pale in colour. As they have not been roasted they have their enzymes active and are capable of performing their own conversion of starch to sugar; the enzyme activity of the coloured maltsr, has been destroyed by roasting.

Apart from the Maris Otter, the other pale-coloured malts used in the brewery are Mild Ale Malt and Wheat Malt.